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Everything Country.....

I am passionate about the countryside and all the beauty which it has to offer us. I have been following hounds regularly for over a decade and recently took up shooting (with a gun, not a camera!). I therefore understand and appreciate safety and etiquette when on location. 

I am available for private commissions such as shoot days, animal portraits etc. and am also available to photograph countryside events. In fact, anything in the countryside! For the last 5 years, I have been the official photographer for Frampton Country Fair in Gloucestershire and have had images published in various magazines, including The Field, Tatler, The Shooting Times and Horse & Hound. I was also commissioned for a year long project in 2010 to record life on a busy farm & educational centre through all four seasons, resulting in a book of images and narration which has been used to help educate visitors to the farm.


I regularly document Shoot days for clients and offer a variety of price packages to suit your needs. A book of images from the day make the perfect 'Thank You' gift for your host!


If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do give me a call.


Tel: 07770 546030 or message me through my 'Contact' page.