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Like my wedding photography, my preferred style for portraiture is relaxed, informal and natural. Most of all, I like to make sessions fun! I love to work outside in a natural environment which suits the subject. Maybe a quiet park or woodland for family shoots, an ‘urban landscape’ for teenagers or a play area for young children. You may have your own suggestions of places which are special to you or which you particularly like.


Depending on what you are looking for, I try to capture natural-looking images. Taking less formal images enables people to relax, have fun and, in the case of children, show their real personalities. I know that young children can find a stranger pointing a large camera and lens in their direction pretty daunting so I will always take some time at the start of the session to get down on their level and try to get to know them a bit so by the time we start they will feel more comfortable with what I am doing and asking them to do! 


As well as humans, I also love to photograph animals and am more than happy to include pets in family or child photo sessions. Or maybe your pet would like a session of it’s own!


If you prefer ‘studio’ style portraits, I can do these too and the studio environment may be particularly more preferable for babies and small children.


Photo sessions start from £90 to include photography and a selection of digital images, licensed to print.


Please do get in touch for further details and to chat about what you have in mind........


Tel: 07770 546030 or send me a message via my 'Contact' page.