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Wedding Photography


I look on it as a privilege to be asked to photograph a couple’s wedding day. It is, without doubt, one of the most special days in your lifetime together and you will want the photographs to reflect this and provide lasting memories which bring a smile to your face.


I like to 'document' a wedding, which means that I will capture the spirit and essence of your day by taking informal, candid & natural shots with the minimum of intrusion. Believe me, your wedding day will fly by and it will be difficult for you to take everything in and remember all those little (& big!) things which go towards making your day, well, your day. I will capture moments as they happen and even moments which you didn’t know happened! I want to tell the story of your wedding day which when ‘played back’ in the future still makes you feel some of the emotion you felt that day. 


All this I will do with as little fuss as possible. One of the best compliments I can receive is ‘What a great photo, I didn’t even know you were there!’. I’ll also take some posed shots of you and a few group ones, which we’ll agree on beforehand, but in no way will I take an age to do these. It is your wedding day and you will want to be sharing it with your guests, not only your photographer!


As with any special occasion, planning is the key to everything running smoothly. If you book me for your wedding, we will have at least one pre-wedding consultation and I will visit the venue before the big day to suss out the best place to take photographs and what we can do if the weather is not on our side. We will agree what photos you specifically want taken & where, what you like & what you don’t like and what you can expect from me. From you, I will ask for a timetable of your day so that I can fully understand what will be going on and where I will need to be at certain times. A quiet ‘heads up’ of any planned surprises would also be good - all in the strictest of confidence of course! So, by the time your wedding day comes round, you can rest assured that everything (at least as far as your photography is concerned!) will run smoothly.


If you like the sound of what I do, I’m always at the other end of the phone for a chat or we can meet up over a coffee and I can show you some examples of my work.......


Tel: 07770 546030 or send me a message via my 'Contact' page.